About Us

SAZ Trading Services Limited is a Forex training, Capital investment and fund management company. Established in Nigeria with a mission to propagate the good news of Forex and to deliver quality Forex education to the general public, to enable everyone and anyone to leverage on the global financial market. We provide various sustainable investment opportunities that bring financial freedom.

With our expertise and experience, we offer fund management services for over 500 clients around the world. Those who have other careers to focus on but still want to take advantage of the opportunities in the global financial market.

Our services are open to everyone from any part of the world who seeks financial freedom through the Forex market.

We Are Investment Professionals

Trading, currencies, metals, oil, cryptocurrency, and more.


We have partnered with top international brokers which in turn has helped us serve our clients better and to guarantee safety in investment.

Top Notch Services

Our customer satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore, we put alot of work to improve our trading system and stay abreast with everything that goes on in the financial market.

Ever Growing Clients Portfolio

Our years of experience in trading the financial markets has installed in us discipline and expertise. we have successfully grown and managed many investments. Our success story keeps spreading which in turn increases our client portfolio

Trading and Training Champions

Our recognition in trading the financial market is second to none. We have been recognized by top brokers and financial institutions for our credibility, reliability and ability to achieve massive success.

Our Objective

To deliver to the investing public, acceptable and most recent qualitative financial product and services.

To create maximum wealth and ensuring competitive return rates for investors.

To set the standard that will make investments satisfactory on short and long term basis.

To help increases the general awareness of available opportunities on the forex market.

Our Core Values

As a company we value integrity, transparency, efficiency and profitability with a strong passion for the forex market.

We commit ourselves to the success of our company, to the pursuit of excellence, to the growth of our employees, and to providing industry leading quality service to our investors.