SAZ Academy

The satisfaction of our traines come first, which is why we put together a team of professionals to ensure high-quality training.

SAZ Academy presents a new direction from virtual to onsite Forex education. The Forex training offered at SAZ Academy provides all that is needed for anyone to learn how to trade from basic to advance level. The program is fit for beginners who have no prior knowledge about Forex and more experienced traders who want to upgrade their trading techniques. We make sure you become an independent trader at the end of the training.

With over 7 Years Experience trading the forex market, we have successfully impacted, trained and mentored over 500 active traders in forex. Our trading strategies are constantly being modified to suit the ever changing and dynamic forex market to guarantee consistent profitability.

Our Training Packages Include:



You will be trained on how the market works and become an independent trader. You will be able to identify footprints of banks and financial institutions and take same trades with them

Interactive Training

You can join other aspiring traders in our interactive class at our training center and learn all it takes to be a profitable trader.

V.I.P Training

For busy individuals, our V.I.P training is designed for your convenience and training is conducted at your own pace.